Project Publications

Project Publications


Abigail Brundin, Deborah Howard and Mary Laven, The Sacred Home in Renaissance Italy (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2018)

Edited books

Domestic Devotions in the Early Modern World, edited by Marco Faini and Alessia Meneghin, Intersections (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming)

Domestic Devotions in Early Modern Italy, edited by Maya Corry, Marco Faini and Alessia Meneghin, Intersections (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming)

Including the following contributions by project members:

Irene Galandra Cooper, Investigating the ‘case’ of the Agnus Dei in Sixteenth-Century Italian Homes  in Domestic Devotions in Early Modern Italy, cit.

Maya Corry, ‘Paintings and play: shaping the soul from birth in early modern Italy’ in Domestic Devotion in Early Modern Italy, cit.

Zuzanna Sarnecka, ‘And The World Dwelt Amongst Us”. Experiencing the Nativity in the Italian Renaissance Home  in Domestic Devotions in Early Modern Italy, cit.

Katherine Tycz, ‘Material Prayers and Maternity in Early Modern Italy: Signed, Sealed, Delivered’, in Domestic Devotions in Early Modern Italy, cit.

Articles in books and journals

Alessia Meneghin, ‘Fonti per la storia della devozione popolare nella Marca pontificia (XV-XVI secc.). I registri dei pegni nelle serie dei Monti di Pietà’, Ricerche Storiche, forthcoming in 2017

Alessia Meneghin, ‘The Miracles of the Madonna del Soccorso of Rovigo: Popular Piety, Natural Disasters and the Environment of Polesine in the Sixteenth Century’, in Saints, Miracles and the Image: Healing Saints and Miraculous Images in the Renaissance, Sandra Cardarelli and Laura Fenelli (eds.), Brepols, forthcoming in 2017

Maya Corry, Deborah Howard, Mary Laven eds, Madonnas & Miracles: The Holy Home in Renaissance Italy (London: Philip Wilson Press, February 2017)






Mary Laven, ‘Devotional objects,’ in Susan Broomhall (ed.), Early Modern Emotions: An Introduction (Routledge, 2016), pp. 147-52

Mary Laven, ‘Recording Miracles in Renaissance Italy‘, Oxford Journals Past and Present, Volume 230, Issue suppl. 11 pp.191-292

Zuzanna Sarnecka, ‘Luca della Robbia and his Books. The Renaissance Artist as a Devotee’, Artibus et Historiae, 94 (2016), 291–301 (ISSN 0391-9064)

Abigail Brundin, ‘Poesia come devozione: leggere le rime di Vittoria Colonna’, in Maria Serena Sapegno and Rami Targoff, eds.,  Al crocevia della storia: poesia, religione e politica in Vittoria Colonna (Rome: Viella, 2016), pp.161-75

Marco Faini, ‘Reading, Devotion and Religious Print in Early Cinquecento Naples. The Case of Francesco Sovaro’s Christiade’, Italian Studies, 72, (2017), 238-55

Deborah Howard, ‘Exploring Devotional Practice In The Italian Renaissance Home’, Scroope: Cambridge Architecture Journal , 24 (2015), 64-80

Mary Laven, ‘Devotional Objects’, in Victoria Avery, Melissa Calaresu and Mary Laven, eds, Treasured Possessions from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment (London: Philip Wilson Press, 2015), pp.238-245

Irene Galandra Cooper and Mary Laven, ‘The material culture of piety in the Italian Renaissance: Re-touching the Rosary’, in Catherine Richardson, Tara Hamling and David Gaimster (eds), Research Companion to Early Modern Material Culture (Routledge, 2016), pp.338-53


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